The Doom

Chapter 2: Dark Waters


The rough waves crashed against the side of the ship as thunder roared from above. Mist sat in the cargo bay of the ferry, leaning against a crate with his arms crossed and wearing his usual scowl. The wooden hold of the ship creaked and groaned as it bounced up and down over the heavy waves. He didn't look forward to going back to Whitegate so soon, but this was first priority. If he ignored their orders he may never get a chance to get inside, he would have to uncover his past another day...

"Well, at least my day couldn't get any worst."

Mist's self narration was answered with a loud creak as the ship leaned to the starboard heavily, then righted. The mage groaned as he moved away from his resting place and ascended the stairs to the deck. AS he opened the door,a large Kraken dragged itself onto the right side of the ship. Mist did a quick motion with his arms as he could feel his pulse quicken. It was a simple trick he had learned while fighting cluster bombs on a small island somewhere, the name didn't come to mind at the moment. One of the Kraken's large eyes fixated on the mage as he approached it.

"You're slowing us down, get the hell off before I throw your sorry ass off." Not expecting a pleasant response, Mist Raised one of his swords infront of him, as if to show the monster that he was an aggressor. One of it's tentacles raised up and fell in the mage's direction. It wasn't a forceful motion, more like an exhausted one. Mist stepped back curious of the squid's movements. Circling it, he realized it was missing several of it's legs, only the slimy stumps remaining. It wasn't trying to pull us into the was trying to pull itself OUT. What could have done that? It was obviously spooked of something. Mist attempted to approach the injured mister again, but it began to wildly flail it's tentacles, and the nubs that had been bitten off. It was frenzied, panicking over what it has encountered in the dark water.


On the same side of ship a illuminated the edge, as the wounded kraken scurried over the deck to port side. Mist could only see a small ball of light begin to rise over the starboard side, but he wasn't taking any chances this time. He gripped his blades tightly and prepared to use "The Lotus Blade Technique." The Mage could feel even the handle heating up in his had, when the light was finally at face level he leapt forward and let loose.

"Cry..." Whatever was under that light, the Blade connected with it. Mist didn't get a clear look at it, but the beast was pretty damn big.

"Scream..." Without hesitating he motioned his arms and preformed his "Jet Stream" attack, causing a Fire/Light reaction know as fusion. The blast created enough light for Mist to see a gaping maw full of teeth, each larger than his fingers and sharper than his own blades.


"Then Die!" Reaching into his gobbie bag, he removed one of the Gobbie bombs he had been storing and let loose. A fireball consumed the rope railing on the side of the ship as well as the monster who had been attempting to board. The mage heard a large splash as whatever had almost made it's way over the side hit the ocean once again. But it wasn't over yet, the Kraken was still spooked and the mage could still sense it's presence. He had wounded it, but it was still alive. The Mage held his blade tight and listened, the crashing waves and thunder acted as white noise for what he was hoping not to hear. it didn't sound like the monster was coming back, perhaps it had had it's fill of the Kraken's arms, and his sword skills. Minutes passed like hours, until the wounded Kraken slid it's way off of the deck's port side, assuring the ships safety, for this voyage.

"Too bad...I think I really could have gone for some calamari..."

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