The Doom

Chapter 3: The Lamia Who Loved Me


Mist had noticed the Immortal immediately after he passed customs. He appeared to have been waiting for the mage, his cold stare piercing the mage like a rapier. Fox rested his hand onto the hilt of the blade at his right side, an obviously hostile position. The Immortal slowly approached him like a black tiger approaching its prey; trying to intimidate it and break it's will before pouncing. The predator's pace increased as Mist shifted his weight onto his right leg, ready to dodge the incoming attack. The Immortal quickly removed his right hand from behind his back. There was a flash of white in it and Mist flipped his blade out of his belt to deflect...a letter. Taking it in his left Hand, he examined the Wax Seal, bearing the Mark of Zahak. With a quick motion of his blade, he sliced the end of the Envelope off and read it's contents.

"Report to The Chamber of Passage Immediatly for your Assignment. You are to come alone and inform no one as the information that will be given is classified, and highly confidential."

"What the hell is the point of giving me a letter just to say..."
By the time Mist looked up, the messenger was gone. He rolled his eyes and crammed the letter into an empty pocket of his Gobbiebag. The streets of Whitegate buzzed with activity. Adventurers and residents alike continued with their daily rituals and responsibilities.

"It's hard to believe that at...any second there could be a..."

Mist's commentary was once again answered, this time by a set of screams and people fleeing into Whitegate from Al Zahbi.

People flooded into Serpentking Square from Balrahn as Mist considered his orders and hesitated. If he ran into the attack, it was possible the Immortals would continue on without him. He would lose his chance to get inside.

"It's the swarm!" "Skellies?! But they're so scary-wary!" A Mithra with short purple hair kneeled down on one knee next to a Silver haired Taru. The Taru danced in panic as the Mithra tried to calm him.

"What's to worry about? You've killed plenty of them in the Hontoro Ruins, why are these ones any worst? Don't be a wimp." The Taru adjusted his glasses and mumbled under his breath. "I'm not being wimpy-gimpy..."

She stood up and turned away with her arms crossed.
"Fine, stay here. I'll go take on the entire swarm by myself. But if they get me..." The Mithra quickly spun around and pulled her mouth open and eyelids down, imitating a ghost.

"I'll be back for YOU!" The Taru reentered his panic dance.
"Ok Ok Ok! I'll help! I'll help! But if we breaky-wakey our chance to be Immortals I'm gonna...I'm gonna!" "You'll cry." "I'll Cry! No! Waiiit!"

The Mithra took off in a full sprint toward Al Zahbi.
"Kaylee! WAIIIIIIT!" The small Taru dashed off in leaps and bounds trying to keep up with the Mithra, it reminded Mist of a Rarab hopping through the high grass back around Windurst.

The mage clutched his fist and growled. Well, they were probably here for the same thing. If they were going to fight, there was no reason he couldn't. Mist pushed though the crowd of people on his way to Al Zahbi, going elbow to elbow with people struggling to move their families, and adventurers that simply couldn't fight the monsters either due to lack of strength, or lack of courage. Mist could feel tingles of excitement as he readied for a fight. There was something about battle he lusted for. The more he fought, the deeper his hunger for more became. As he ran he built up momentum, and simply charged through the first skeleton that showed itself. The skeleton exploded from the impact, sending scattered bones to the ground like confettie. A moment later, a great foot came down onto its skull, leaving little more than chips and dust. A large Galka removed his foot and gazed down at the shattered bone mass.

"You can rest in peace now." He looked over his left side to see several more of the animated skeletons entering through Galeserpent Square. The giant crossed his arms and concentrated as they quickly approached. A reflection of light shined off the Galka as he finished casting Metallic Body. He removed his sword from his belt and held it parallel to the ground. with the blade between him and the approaching swarm, he broke into a sprint. The galka let out a bellowing roar as he charged directly into them, like a Behemoth running through a room of fragile vases. The impact of his body alone shattered several of the mindless attackers, his blade actually doing very little in the way of damage.

Mist continued into Flameserpent Square, where there were already a few of the monsters waiting for the Hall of Binding to open. There were a few of the Skeletons engaged in battle, and something else with them. The creature was humanoid in appearance and was dressed in what appeared to be eastern clothes, with its bandages that wrapped around it's otherwise exposed fleash. The dried, leathery skin clung to its twisted face, only its yellow eyes and teeth actually revealing themselves. Turning its entire body, the monstrosity looked over its shoulder to see Mist. Taking off like a rocket, it leapt into the air and descended toward the mage. Mist leapt out of the way and prepared for its second strike. The creature staggered slightly, and then turned toward Fox again, presumably about to execute the same attack. It leapt into the air yet again, but this time Mist prepared to counter attack. He blocked its Kris with his right blade, and swung with his left. The blade shaved past the monster’s head as the creature bounced off Mist's right sword. Dropping behind him, it managed to strike his right shoulder with surprising speed. Mist spun around and jumped back, clutching his shoulder.

"'re alot quicker than you look..." A gentle hand rested on Mist's hand covering his bloodied shoulder. The mage saw a warm glow of light out of the corner of his right eye and the pain from the wound disappeared. The creature prepared to attack again, but this time Mist was the aggressor. He leapt toward the monster with his left blade, which it easily blocked. At the clink of the metal grinding Mist thrusted his right sword into the thing's gut.

"Spirits Within!" There was a white light and the monster squealed in pain and dropped to the floor. Mist quickly spun around to observe his savior. It was a Hume woman wearing similar armor to his. Her red hair was tied up into a pony tail that fell to just below her shoulder. Mist gave her a quick bow and rushed out back into Ulthalam Parade, seeing as the others had already disposed of the skeletons. This area was clear as well, it seemed like things were pretty well taken care off now. Keeping his swords ready, he began toward the Gates to make absolute sure.

Running strait toward the west gate, he dropped down into the moat to run a full check. His footsteps sent ripples through the shallow water as he scanned the moat of any movements. There didn't seem to be anything left, apparently the "Swarm" had been taken out quite quickly. A drop of cool water trickled onto Mist's head as he looked up. There was a flash of white as a large serpent dropped down in front of him. But upon closer examination, the top half was actually of a woman. The creature towered over him as he readied his swords. She appeared to be unarmed, and was covered in scratches and what appeared to be its own blood. Mist stared into its red, burning eyes. Strangely, there was something there that made the monster seem...unthreatening. Mist sheathed his swords as the snake woman slithered toward him. She wore several pieces of Gold jewelry and a piece of cloth over her chest that appeared to be more for decoration than defense.


"...Lamia?" The woman nodded without losing eye contact with him, and rested her hand on top of the mage's head. Mist had no will to fight her. He knew she was the enemy, but he couldn't raise his sword against her. The Lamia ran her clawed hand through his red hair, and gazed down at the defenseless Hume. The Mage felt almost child-like. As long as she was there, there was nothing to worry about. He noticed the Lamia was wounded....without a second thought Mist twisted his arms, and a soothing breeze nursing the serpent woman's wounds. A smile crept into the corner of her lips as she gently ran her fingers through his red hair.

"That'ssss a good boy..."
"I think there's one over here!" The cry of the Imperial Guard interrupted their moment, and the Lamia quickly slithered toward the North gate, pushing another guard out of her way. Mist leaned forward as if to follow her, but simply fell onto his face. Raising himself up from the water he managed to regain his senses.

"What the hell happened?"
Mist put his hand on his face and wiped away the dripping water. He tried to piece together what exactly had been going through his mind. He shook his head to try and clear his mind. Her touch, that at the time had felt like a comforting reassurance, now just seemed cold and rough.

Snapping out of that line of thought, Mist realized he was due at the Chamber of Passage several minutes ago. He took off in a dash as memories of the Lamia lingered in his mind.

"That's going to bother me all damn day..."


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