Rant 1: Math Sucks

Written, April 26, 2005


Here is somthing that really pisses me off. Imaginary numbers. I mean what the fuck was that drunk trying to accomplish with that? They have no real world application, because they do not exist. "i" If you somehow multiply it by itself, you get i^2, That's as far as you can possibly go without another number. If you do multiply it by itself you apparently get chaos. You know what chaos sounds like right? Have you ever heard pigs being slaughtered, babies crying, metal grinding, and several sounds that if I even mentioned, you would flee your computer in HORROR. Preventing the end of the world, we won't attempt to multiply these. Instead, I went looking fo a real world application. So I did what any man would do, I Googled it. Fucking nothing. The only application they claimed was solving more math problems that no one will ever ask. And they also claimed that shadows live in their own little 2-D world. No, my shadow is simply where light isn't as great because I'm standing infront of it. Besides, it's only used in teaching itself. Hmmm, somthing that only exists to spead, that sounds like a virus. That's exactly what it is. A fucking virus. Plauging and infecting our minds with symphtoms of bullshit. Why don't they teach somthing actually useful? Like how to flip burgers. I have a feeling alot of people will be doing that their entire life, or bagging groceries. How not to put bread on the bottom. If you didn't know I work as tech support for an internet provider, you wouldn't beleive how fucking stupid most people are. I firmly beleive it's because of them teaching people bullshit like this in school. Hell, I'm even in College doing this. I mean what the fuck? I want to learn how to program and design web sites. What does that have to do with imaginary numbers? Not a damn thing. Unless they want me to make a program involving imaginary numbers, in responce I will promptly tell them to go fuck themselves. Because computers don't even understand imaginary numbers. Why? They don't exist. That simple.