Rant 10: College and Olives

Written August 8th, 2006


Oh yes, I'm back and pissed off.

School fucking ruins everything. It's true. Spriting, ever since I had to give an oral speech on spiriting, I haven't enjoyed doing it anymore. Website, I've updated ALOT less since Dreamweaver class. It's like once I'm forced to do it, I just don't want to any more. Though I'm hoping Flash works the other way, since it's not something I enjoy doing now. Like possibly with a little more knowledge that I'll get into it. Well, I DID start sketching again, and I'm a little better than the last time I basically stopped doing it. Maybe next time I'll be inking. Yes, I like my current style almost enough to say, "Yeah, I'm not gonna get much better. This works." Well, we'll see. Maybe this'll end up an art site or something, because I think my Spriting is officially over. Permanently. As in I just don't give a fuck anymore. I'm BORED with it. Maybe I should change the URL next March. I've been wanting a new "Alias" for awhile, but just haven't picked one out. But I'm a fickle bastard anyway.

In other news College can kiss my ass. It's started up again and existence is once again a chore. Monday, Work, then college. Tuesday, just work. Wednesday, both again. Thursday, Just College. Friday, just work. And Saturday? Holy shit it's actually free sometimes now. Yes, that's right; I don't work every fucking Saturday running a business by myself for about a dollar over minimum wage. Meaning I have a little free time now, which has mostly been consumed with either odd jobs, or people trying to get me to be social. Which I just don't care to be now. I don't mind going outside every once in awhile, but it's been something every week since before college began. Either people want me to go eat with them because apparently it’s some great honor, or they want me to go see a movie with them or some shit. Like taking someone else to see a movie makes it more enjoyable. Because it doesn't. Oh, and Clerks II < Snakes on a Plane. "I know lecturing is the most inefficient form of teaching, but I'll be doing it anyway since I have alot of material to cover." Seriously, a quote from my new History professor. Yeah, that justifies it. Instead of learning a few things, I'll not learn alot. Makes me feel like I'm really getting my money's worth out of these retards. College is a scam, that's all there is too it, I should have went to a technical school. Why do I even need history to be a web designer? That's one of the fucking stupidest things I've heard in recent months. I doubt I'll ever be sitting at my desk thinking "Gee, I wonder what would be the best way to lay out this page? What would Sam Houston do?" I'll tell you what he'd do, he'd decompose. Because he's fucking dead. And he knew nothing about computers. So apparently it's a waste of time to even bother with this shit. The only thing ever done with History is it being told to other people. Does this sound like another subject I've described earlier? Algebra perhaps? Yes, it's just another fucking Brain Virus. It's not cell phones and potato chips giving us tumors, it's this bullshit.

Being poor sucks ass. I finally get the Mini-Fridge I'd been wanting since last year and now I can't afford to put food into it. Before that I'd put it in the main fridge and when I went for a gallon of milk to go with my Generic Captain Crunch, there wasn't any. Because some mother fucker would drink it all the day after I bought it. It wouldn't be bad if they would you know, CONTRIBUTE to the fridge, but they apparently think it's a magical box that shits delicious treats. Next pay all that stuff is gonna stop appearing in there though. No more Milk, Cheese, Sandwich meat, it'll all vanish. They'll actually have to go to the store or, god forbid COOK. Mist doesn't cook anymore. I exist off self made subs. I make a big one, toss it in the fridge and eat off it for about 3 days. I'll have to cut them in half to fit them in my tiny fridge, but I'll never come home from a directly from Work to College day 8:00AM-9:30PM and not have anything to eat. I DO have A1 and a Jar of Olives in there though. Because A1 is terrific on everything and Olives are just a requirement for refrigerators. I think they are like batteries or something.