Rant 11: XI's My Final one

Written October 16th, 2006


Final Fantasy XI sucks up alot of free time. It's basically my Social life when I'm going to College and work. The game's pretty deep system-wise, and requires ALOT of time poured into it. That's to be expected, most MMORPGs require a near infinite amount of time. It's to get you to keep coming back and playing again, to make you give them another $13 next month. But like everything else in existence, it manages to, on occasion, incur the wrath of Mist.

What pisses me off about Final Fantasy XI? Let's start with the fact that basically everything in the game involves a group of six people. You can't take a piss without 5 other people standing over your shoulder. There are areas you can't even walk through with other people to either activate controls "Necropolis" or step on switches to open doors "The Citadel." This becomes instantly frustrating when either no one else is on, or you just can't seem to get a party. If 5 other people don't need to do the exact same thing you do, or you can't find some people willing to help, you're stuck. Do not pass go, do not collect 1,000 Gil. With my current job of Blue Mage, I'm a level 56 Melee. Finding a party is a bitch. Finding a competent one is nearly impossible. There's almost a 0% chance of getting one during the week, and the weekend knocks it up to about an additional 20% for each hour you wait. Yes, Hour. Get your fucking game boy ready, because there's a good chance you'll be sitting there for 4-5 hours just waiting. And if you're not in town, your chances of getting a party shrink further.

8AM- Got up, Logged on, ate a Bowl of Frankenberry with my Flag up.

9AM- Flag's up, no invites, sketching.

10AM- Still nothing, Started playing Donkey Kong Country 3 on my DS.

11AM- I realize I hate Kiddy Kong. Still nothing.

11:30AM- Some guy named Art asks me to come out to the Woodlands to Party. I'm currently in Al Zahbi since I can warp to Jeuno quickly. I grab a bird, and meet locate the party in less than 7 minutes. I get there, Art's a Galka, sitting on his Ass, so I figure he's AFK. I wait, wait, wait, 15 minutes later he comes back and sends me another tell. "sorry we R full." I try to wrap my mind around this. Why the fuck did he even call me out here then? I responded and said I was coming, I came quickly, but now he doesn't need me? Apparently Galkas can't count to god damned six. So riding back to town as fast as I can so my Fucking Bird doesn't drop me into Horrible Rape range of one of the Pink Marlboro out there I chew him out all the way back to town.

12PM- I'm back in Al Zahbi, about to enter my MH, Flag's still up.

12:40PM- Another invite, from X this time. Without mentioning her name, "X" was a person from a Linkshell (The FFXI equivalent to a Guild) I knew awhile back. First thing she asks me is where we should go to level. Slightly disgusted that she's building a party and has no idea where she's going or what to level off of on the Eastern Continent, I suggest Colb...Toucans. We take about 10 minutes finding a nice spot, leveling commences. I start with about 12,000 exp until my next level.

1PM- With Sanction and an EMP band, getting about 300+ EXP a kill. It makes me happy, in my Pants.

2PM- Still holding Strong. Healing Breeze and my Ninja sub save us a few times against the spiders. Fuck /THF below 60.

3PM- Getting ready to break. The WHM called it 2 hours ago, so it's not like we're just going to shatter. It's OK with me.

3:40PM- We break. I'm 1190 TNL, a little pissed, but they called it awhile back, so I'm not going to whine or plead.

4PM- Back in the Mog House, Flag's up again.

5PM- I make a Big Sandwich with Turkey, Chicken, and Swiss. Still nothing.

5:20PM- An invite from a Guy I worked with trying to get "Stinking Gas" from a Doomed wants me to rep him in The King's Tomb. I'm off. Warp to Jeuno, Get a Tele Holla, spend 2k on a fucking bird, work my way through a zone I'm unfamiliar with...and...

5:30PM- I arrive. Great, they're fighting fucking Beetles. I have no spells that work well against Vermin, but I work around it with Mandibular Bite, and a self Fusion Skill Chain.

6PM- We've managed to get 3 fucking fights in. Apparently just about everyone replaces themselves, I'm 516 tnl.

6:20PM- Everyone's shit is finally together, we start actually fighting, Puller Links with a Beetle that pops close to camp, we have to Tele Holla out. Dish out 2.1k for another fucking bird, head back.

6:30PM- I'm the first to arrive back. What the fuck is taking everyone so long?

6:40PM- Everyone arrives back, we immediately disband. Fox is fucking pissed.

7PM- Back in MH, Flag's up, back on DKC3. Singing a song I made up as I went called "Chunky the Space Monkey."

7:40PM I Completely Finish DKC3. Even the Secret World. I bought the game fucking yesterday; I don't remember it being this easy on the SNES.

8PM- Still nothing. I mutter two words, being "Fuck This." And Log out.

Well, that's a relatively normal day, save the party with X. If Malay and Forte didn't still play this game, there's no fucking way I'd still be on. It's not that the game isn't fun at all, it's just not fun enough to justify itself. The actual fun comes from our group of 3 doing big fights, and the occasional RP session we have on the Linkshell.