Rant 16: The Lost Season

Written February 11, 2009


(The following rant was lost shortly after it was made. This was mostly due to disorganization, as well as as a complete lack of "Giving a Shit." It is unedited from its original form. Complete with blinding irony.)


Look at that, another one so soon. Well, when you work with mouth breathing retards every day, you tend to have a negative disposition. Apparently the Holidays are meant just for these people, and I am specifically excluded. Last year it was Thanksgiving, this year it's Christmas.

Yes, people are pissed off that we did not have people on staff taking calls, and going to do customer repairs. Not repairs on our stuff, it wasn't like we had a server on fire or anything. These were individual customers with screwed up routers, and minor problems like that. It's pretty frequent that a customer claims to be a business, but is set as a residential account. Here are the differences: Residential accounts pay less, and all problems that require a technician to be sent out are considered to be of equal importance. This is for Agatha who emails her family up in Canada, and for Carl who plays Warcraft when he gets home from work. If one goes down before the other, the first one is first priority. Business on the other hand, pay more and are always first priority. If the network at a Law Firm office goes down, the tech who schedules the repairs will see when the soonest available worker is, and send him out there instead of to Carl's. Carl will then be next on the list, the Firm basically gets to cut in line. The business accounts are also a bit faster, but not by a colossal amount. The Main differences are that the business accounts support more data flow, and are always first priority.

The problem that occurs is when a residential account claims to be a business They expect to be put in front of everyone else at the cost of other pay customer's time. Sorry, you pay residential, you get treated like a residential. Not to even say these people are just thrown by the wayside, but if there's a list, they have to wait their turn. Sorry if you don't like it, fair is fair. First come, first serve.

Back on the subject of Christmas. On the 24th I was at work because I like living with a roof over my head, since it makes it harder for satellites to spy on me and they have to resort to costly taps. That Holly-Jolly morning I get a call from someone who appears to be having problems with their connection.

"It looks like we'll have to send someone out, I can't seem to get a signal from you."

"When'll that be?"

"I'm not sure, I don't make the schedule I'll take some info from you and have someone get ba-"

"What?! No, I need this today. You see, I'm at home, trying to get some work done so that I don't have to go into the office on Christmas Eve."

(Oh sure, that changes EVERYTHING. No one should work on Christmas Eve. Hell, right now I'm just sitting on my couch fapping, eating Cheetos, and playing Persona 4 while I take this call.)

So apparently the customers shouldn't have to lift a finger on the day before your holiday, but we should work overtime to make sure you don't have to get off of your ass.

Last year on the day after Thanksgiving, we had people riding our asses for not being in that Thursday. We had people in Wednesday, we had people in Friday, but that wasn't good enough. Nothing MAJOR went down. If one of the towers stopped transmitting then yes, someone would have to stuff down their last few bites and fly out there. But we aren't doing that shit for individual customers. We did have one tech in Thanksgiving of this year, and the day after he basically said: "Fuck that, never again." he quit in January. (Update: He was rehired in in the 4th quarter of that same year. I don't understand it either.)

I don't think it's poor service, it's reasonable. I live out of my ISP's range, so I have a different provider. When I had problems the first day, they said it would be a week before they could get someone out there to fix it. This is turn on day, I got home and it didn't work. I waited the week, understanding that there is a LIST and that people were in LINE before me. I didn't die, my flesh didn't rot off, and I didn't get eaten by a Grue.

On to something completely different, the new president. The electoral college has managed to pick another one that I'm pretty sure doesn't know what he's doing. He has less experience than Palin, but ragged on her for her lack of. Like Alaska's a different fucking country or doesn't count. I wasn't really impressed with Obama's campaign, but that's probably because I'm not big on one word slogans.

Obama: "Change!"
Crowd: "WOO! CHANGE! We dislike how things are now!"
Reporter: "Mr Obama, what do you think should be done about the economy?"
Obama: ". . .Change!"
Crowd: "CHANGE! WOO!"

I could always be wrong, but it's normally a bad idea to indorse the same person as the mass media does. These were the people wearing acid wash jeans 20ish years ago.