Rant 6: Guns and Violets

Written February 27th, 2006


Pretty recently Dick Cheney accidentally shot a hunting buddy on a Quail hunting trip. This has basically set off a Media Orgy. Apparently no one else on earth has ever hunted. Shit does happen. I've been hunting a few times and even though it bores the hell out of me, I was cautious knowing something similar could happen. I kept the gun pointed at either the ground or in the air when I was aiming. (Normally the Ground due to my height) but I realized shit could happen. Guns do go off, accidents happen, no one's dead, fucking get over it. The Media was pissed because Dick didn't whip out his cell phone and call them right away. "Yeah, I shot someone. No, he's still here bleeding, just figured I should tell you guys first so you can take lots of pictures." They got medical attention, what I'd have done. It's not that I'm insanely pissed, just disgusted at how stupid these people are.


Maybe it's because I'm from Texas , and we have a different view of guns. They aren't evil, they're tools. I shoot something then eat it. I shoot a metal target for fun. If everything the media said was true I'd have killed everyone on the planet a LONG time ago. Even though they aren't always my first choice, I play a few violent video games, I'm a decent shot, and I'm a loner, "OH FUCKING NOEZ! I R TEH 5N1P3R!!!!1 LOL!!!111oneoneone" According to almost everything the media has ever said, I should be eating babies and killing puppies. True, I dislike people. I prefer to be by myself, but is this because I play games? Fuck no. I realize that people are ignorant and instead of go to the same shitty Mall with some dumb asses that think they're cool shit but crack under any type of pressure, I'd just rather Play Full Metal Alchemist 2, or Read Love Hina. Internet friends are more than enough Social interaction for me. If they start pissing me off, I click one button and I don't have to deal with them anymore. I am living proof that People do not NEED other People to survive. I'm perfectly happy just being alone. Games don't make people violent; games are something violent people probably do. It's like using Knives. Killers use knives, but so do chefs. So through the media's logic all Chefs are mass murderers? Must be so. And I can even cook, watch out everyone, I'm gonna make a fucking Filet out of you!


Since I've fired a Bazooka in a game I know how to fire one in real life! Fuck the kick back that'll knock me off my feet, or the intense weight of the gun, I can still do it! And while we're at it, I think I'll run through a fucking Loop , I did it in Sonic, so obviously due to their logic I can do it in real life! I don't think it's the gamers that need a reality checking, it's everyone else. Jack fucking Thompson, the Soccer Moms, everyone else who doesn't have a REAL problem to worry about. If you want to take the bad, you have to take the good. Ok, fine, I killed all the hookers in GTA, but I also saved the world MULTIPLE times. So before you brand me as evil you'd better give me a fucking metal. There's just no logical argument on Media causing violence. You'd have to be mentally unstable to START with. I'll admit, a game could probably be the last piece of a Rampage. I guess if your vision of reality is THAT distorted, yeah, GTA would not be something you'd want to play. As for Little Kids? "Ratatatat! You're dead!" Oh NO! Little Billy's gonna grow up to be a murderer! No, shut the fuck up. Billy's probably smarter than you. He's pretending and playing. He's gonna go outside in about 20 minutes and have a "War" with his friends, they'll have Cap Guns and Nerf. Big fucking deal. Kids play, I remember all the games I played with my Friends when I was little. We'd get an AOL disk and have a few people guard it like it was a government secret. Imagination, Good. Exercise, kick ass, Social interaction, good. Nothing wrong with this picture. None of us are murderers now, and only two losers came out of that Group. One's in Jail for Statutory, and one is a Drug Dealer. But considering the shit hole we live in, that's pretty damn good. And this isn't "Just the Gamers" this is out of an entire neighbor hood. The Geeks, Skaters, and Pot Heads all played together when they were little Kids. Jail Bird was a Skater and a Pot Head, while the other was just a Pot Head and a Drop out. Huh? All the gamers are in College now? Well Fuck me. Looks like the people who played lots of Duke Nukem, are doing better.