Rant 8 April Fucktards and Zero

Written April 1st, 2006


April Fools Day must be the Stupidest Holiday ever. People do stupid shit and think that it's the funniest fucking thing ever. The only "Joke" I recommends is immediately after they start laughing, Sucker Punch them. Then Shout "Haha! April Fools! you thought I was gonna hit you in the face! But I hit you in the stomach!" Then make the exact same gestures again, but REALLY hit them in the face. That one's for being part of this stupid tradition. You arn't cute, you arn't funny, you just piss people off. I'll also except BIG shit for April Fools. Like Wrapping a Friend's entire house in Tin Foil. Or an Enemy. They're basically the same thing anyway, only one admits he want to end you. or something like inviting someone over for a BBQ, then after they're half done, make the jingle collar for their pet visible. Or Really serve them their Pet. Either way. Now people just do stupid shit for April Fool's. Obvious shit. Like change a Name of a site or something and only the dumbest retards fall for it.Or they Post fake content, you click on the link and it just says April Fools. It's stupid. Hahaha go fuck yourself. Seriously, how do even stoners think it's funny? I looked up the History on it, it's just there to be retarded. Some dumb ass just wiped and there it was. Unless you actually do something DECENT, just ignore this fucking idiotic excuse for a holiday. If anyone Lame Ass "Pranks" you, beat the shit out of them. I'd suggest using a Board with a nail in it. A Rusty one. Or a Baseball Bat with a Railroad Spike. In other News I'm listening to the Mega Man X6 Opening Theme. And It makes me think, Zero is the ultimate definition of Fan Favorite. No one has been brought back from the dead THIS many times. Ever.

Blows himself up to take out Vile's Ride Armor. Intended to Stay Dead.

May never be assembled Again, "Stays Dead"

If you play a certain way you can have him Fight a Boss, which immediately after the Fight, falls on him and Crushes him.

Zero's Ok, but his Girlfriend Dies.

Blown in half, Then Shot through the Chest. Was suppose to STAY DEAD

this time.

Sealed away until Mega Man Zero.

Somehow back, Make sit out OK.

Just fine.

That's 5 put of 8 where he either Dies or is Somehow removed from the story otherwise. Then in MMZ4 He's killed again. And it's all because the Fans Love Zero. When Zero Takes his helmet off at Maverick Hunter HQ, there isn't a dry panty in the base. The Girls Love him, the Guys want to be Him. Zero Kicks ass. No other character has ever been brought back this many times simply due to demand. And you can't say "Mario" or something like that, because he doesn't get killed violently in the First Game then appear in the second one.